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get with the program

It has come to my attention, via my vast network of spies, that 74% of you folks visiting this site do so using Microsoft Internet Exploder Explorer, which raises an interesting question:

Whaddayou, nuts?

Seriously, IE is a nightmare: obsolete software that springs a security leak about once a week and functions well only as a target for every virus and trojan writer on the planet. It's ugly, awkward, slow and lacks even the most basic modern browsing features. There no reason to make your life that difficult.

Here's a suggestion: get Firefox. It's free, much faster, far more stable and, because it doesn't rely on bad ideas like Microsoft's Active X technology, far more secure from malicious websites and their evil scripts. There are also literally hundreds of free extensions for Firefox available, little add-ons that do useful things (such as blocking annoying ads). There are also dozens of free themes that let you change the whole look of your browser. And once you try tabbed browsing you'll never go back to that "five copies of IE open and everything moves like molasses" quagmire.

There's also a Google toolbar for Firefox that adds even more functions, including automatically filling out web forms (and spell-checking them), enhanced Google searching, and a display of Google Page Rank, a measurement of how popular a given site is.

Speaking of Page Rank, my Word Detective website has a rank of 7 on a scale of 10, which is considered quite high (it's the same ranking as The Huffington Post, for instance). People take seminars to get their pages up to 5. Seems to me I ought to be at least a little bit rich by now....

[sound of crickets, dog barking in distance]

So, anyway, that brings us to the button below (and at the foot of the sidebar). Click on it. Download and install Firefox with the Google Toolbar. You get a great browser for free and the kittens get a dollar for cat food.

There is nothing to fear. Firefox will import all your IE "favorites" when you install it, and if you ever get homesick for Internet Explorer, there's even a theme you can install to make Firefox look just like IE, albeit a version of IE that actually, you know, works. And you'll still be able to use your moldy old IE on those days when banging your finger with a hammer just isn't painful enough.

Honestly, it'll change your life. And if you don't like it, let me know and I'll send you a free cat.